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As inconvenient as losing your home garbage disposal is, business owners across Pasadena know how challenging it can be to keep their businesses running smoothly with the smell that often accompanies a clogged garbage disposal. Plus, if you run a restaurant, that issue is going to be even more severe.

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Garbage Disposal Basics

When taking care of any appliance or system in your home, it’s important to understand how it works so you know what to take care of, how often to take care of it, and how to troubleshoot the system when issues arise. Your garbage disposal is no different.

At High Speed Rooter and Plumbing, we offer residential and commercial plumbing services to provide garbage disposal installations and repairs whenever necessary. Find answers to your questions about your garbage disposal system, and contact us right away to schedule an appointment if you believe there’s a problem.


How Long Does a Garbage Disposal Last?

Garbage disposals typically last up to 15 years. Depending on the age of your current garbage disposal, it can last anywhere from eight to 15 years. This is because older models were not designed to last as long as newer models.

The most common causes of a garbage disposal to stop working is worn-down blades or a burnt-out motor. Depending on the type of wear and tear to your system, you will either need a new garbage disposal installation or you may be able to get by with a few garbage disposal repairs.


What Does a Garbage Disposal Do?

The primary job of a garbage disposal is to shred any food waste in the drain of your kitchen sink so it doesn’t clog the pipes. In order to keep your garbage disposal running smoothly, it’s a good idea to run it regularly with running water and make sure it’s clean.


What Is Safe and Okay to Put in a Garbage Disposal?

Many food scraps are safe to put in your garbage disposal as long as they’re biodegradable and not too tough or fibrous. The following items are considered safe to put in your garbage disposal:

  • Citrus rinds — these also work great to clean and freshen your disposal

  • Coffee grounds — but only in small quantities

  • Egg shells — these can help clean and sharpen the blades of your garbage disposal

  • Small food scraps

  • Some fruit scraps

  • Some vegetable scraps

Avoid putting things like bones, fruit pits, grease, and starches down your garbage disposal. These items can be too hard and damage the disposal blades, will congeal and clog pipes, or will expand in water and clog pipes.

How Do I Tell if My Garbage Disposal Isn’t Working Correctly?

There are a few different ways to tell if your garbage disposal isn’t working properly. These problems may require a professional garbage disposal repair, but ongoing issues are a sign that it’s time to replace the system entirely. Keep an eye out for the following signs that your garbage disposal is malfunctioning or broken:


It won’t turn on.

If your garbage disposal won’t turn on, there could be a couple problems. Worse-case scenario is that the motor has gone out. A better scenario is that the circuit breaker just needs to be reset.


You have to reset it regularly.

Once in a while, having to reset your garbage disposal is okay. If you have to reset it on a regular basis though, there’s a problem. The issue could range from faulty wiring to general wear and tear on the system, but either way, it’s best to call a professional plumber for this type of garbage disposal repair.


It takes a while to break down food.

If your garbage disposal isn’t shredding food waste in your drain quickly, it isn’t doing it’s job. This slower breakdown speed is probably due to dull blades. Contact a plumber for garbage disposal repair and replacement blades.


It always smells.

A garbage disposal that smells — even after being cleaned — is harboring food waste and the odor it causes. A plumber may need to disassemble and reassemble the system to thoroughly clean it or they may recommend a new garbage disposal installation if the system is old.


It makes loud noises.

As your garbage disposal shreds up food scraps, it’s going to make some noise. However, if it’s screeching or squeaking while it’s on, the system could be off balance or the motor could be going out.


Can I Fix the Garbage Disposal Myself?

Depending on what the problem is with your garbage disposal, it may or may not be a good idea to try and work on it yourself. Resetting or cleaning the system is one thing, but disassembling and performing garbage disposal repairs should be left to a professional.


How Much Does a Garbage Disposal Repair Cost?

The cost of a garbage disposal repair depends on how severe the issues are with the system and whether any parts need to be replaced. If you were to need a new garbage disposal installation, the system itself would cost around $200, plus any labor to install it.

Contact our team today to schedule an appointment and get an accurate estimate on your garbage disposal repairs.

Whether the issue is affecting your business operations or simply making cooking time at home more of a challenge, don’t leave the problem to worsen. Contact the professional plumbers at High Speed Rooter and Plumbing for an expert’s touch at an affordable price on garbage disposal installations and repairs.

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