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In case of an earthquake

In case of an earthquake, you can manually shut off your natural gas. However, if you are out of your home or out of town, specialized automatic valve shut-off systems can save you stress. Seismic natural gas shut-off valves will automatically cut your natural gas service when an earthquake of a certain magnitude happens near your home to protect it from leaks.

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Protection Meets Compliance

Some insurance companies require automatic valve shut-off systems, while some homeowners want them for their own peace of mind. No matter what your reason is for choosing a seismic gas shut-off valve, we’re the installation crew for the job. We know the legal requirements surrounding these valves, as well as how to attach them while maintaining compliance with the gas companies in the area. Protect your Pasadena home by getting in touch with our team today.

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The Importance of Automatic Valve Shut-Off Systems

When earthquakes of a high magnitude occur, they can break gas pipes. While a gas leak is dangerous in general, it’s arguably more dangerous for a gas leak to occur within your home because the gas will start to build up and ignite more easily. This can lead to serious fires and even explosions.

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A seismic gas valve

A seismic gas valve shut-off system prevents this from happening by registering the movement of the earthquake and triggering the gas flow to shut off. This means that, even though the earthquake may break a gas pipe, there’s no gas flowing to cause a fire.


How Does Automatic Valve Shut-Off Work?

This valve is installed on your home or building’s gas meter. The valve contains a metal ball that’s suspended on a ring above the threshold where gas passes through. The movement caused by an earthquake will dislodge this metal ball and block the gas from flowing through to your home.

This valve shut-off system is simple to install and just as easy to reset in the event an earthquake triggers the valve. All you have to do is move the metal ball back onto the ring at the top of the valve.

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